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Download Digital Purchase


Follow these instructions to download and extract .ZIP Files 

1#  On a desktop computer-download the provided .zip file
2#  Go to your download folder in your computer files
3#  Next you need to “click EXTRACT ALL” the files
4#  Select your destination to place the files and click select folder
5#  Click EXTRACT
6#  Organize the files
7#  Open Microsoft Word
8#  Open File
* Now you will have access to edit the forms

How to download and extract files-preview1

How to download and extract files-preview2

*Professional Forms that have been made available for sale by Danielle who is a Non-Medical Home Care Business Owner. These templates are created from direct hands on experience working with clients, families, care facilities, trustees, curators, and medical professionals.

These forms are available and designed to help Home Care business owners get organized, grow, and keep their business secure. They are not allowed to be resold, reproduced, distributed by electronic means, or profit from the design. Daily checks are made and if any unauthorized items are found an IP Attorney will get involved. All templates are copyrighted and owned by the creator Danielle Foley

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