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Start a Non Medical Home Care Business in 2022

Create your own non-medical home care business helping seniors in 2022

caregiving business

Non-medical caregivers for seniors are in great demand in most parts of the world.

Now is the best time to start your very own home health care business while seniors need to stay protected from the Coronavirus. 

It is a perfect time to start a small home health care business for seniors with safety measures in place. Currently families are looking at the safest care options for seniors who require additional daily support at home, retirement communities, or in residences (public & private).

If you are thinking of opening a caregiving business, or currently have on in operation, then you know that it provides a unique career opportunity that offers a valuable service for seniors in your community.

One key part to owning your own caregiving business is that you must remain organized and up to date in your bookkeeping, client information (medical & personal), as well as taxes. Here you will find assistance with the business aspect of caregiving, so that you will be able to put your focus on what is truly important; you caring for seniors.

Wise Caregiving has created a digital guide which provides a general look at what caregiving for seniors entails, what to offer in terms of services, and then a deeper look into how to attract new clients and market your services more effectively. If you are thinking a career change into senior care is the right move for you, then we have what you need to get started. If you are like many out of work due to the pandemic but ready to get back to work then this is a great option make a real difference in your community.

The ‘How to start a home care business’ guide  is written for caregivers just starting out as well as those of you who wish to expand on your already existing knowledge of the business. The author, Danielle Foley is a caregiver with 14+ years experience working in home care, and providing caregiver services for seniors who live in all types of residences, both public and private. She has extensive knowledge working as private caregiver for seniors, as well as starting and operating an incorporated company.

So many caregivers fly under the radar financially only to find that in times like during a pandemic, that it is much better to be a legit business so that you can apply for financial protection from the government as it becomes available. It may seem like a daunting task to set up a company, but really it doesn’t take much. Your local tax office can help answer any of your questions and guide you step by step. It  can be as simple as filling out necessary forms, and then seeing your accountant to set up, and file your taxes once a year. As your company grows so will the filing. Working on a cash basis may seem like an attractive option, but it can come with serious consequences.

If you are set up like a home care agency, a family will most likely hire you over an agency that will charge more, and send multiple caregivers. More often than not, a family will only lean towards using an agency because they do not want to have to deal with the logistics of employing a caregiver. Truth be told private caregivers have the same abilities as agencies, they just don’t know it! As a caregiver to you can take care of invoicing, paying yourself on a schedule, and setting aside income tax. None of these tasks are difficult with proper collecting of information, planning, and organization.

The senior care business templates that come with the guide help keep you organized so that when you do prepare for tax time everything is in order. The templates are designed specifically for small senior care business owners. When you download the guide you also receive 15 essential senior care business document templates templates that are designed specifically for small senior care business owners. The templates can be fully customized to each senior client.

 Wise caregiving is here to provide the necessary senior care industry tools that caregivers need to build a stable senior care business and grow it to its full potential.

How to Start a Non Medical Home Care Business

how to start a senior care business guide

Bundles Also Available:

Do you want to work on your own as an independent caregiver?

personal care business bundle-wisecaregiving

Are you planning to open an agency?

Home Care Complete Bundle-Wise Caregiving

Home Care Business Complete Start-Up Bundle for Agency (NON-MEDICAL)

100+ Home Care Business Forms, Documents, Agreements, Spreadsheets, Charts, and Checklists (ALL FULLY EDITABLE)

📁 How to Start a Home Care Business Guide
📁 60+ Home Care Business Templates (WORD & EXCEL)
📁 Home Care Company Policy & Procedure Manual
📁 12 Supplemental forms for Company Policy & Procedure
📁 Policy & Procedure Handbook for Employees
📁 Training Forms (Attach with Company Policy and Procedure)
📁 Scheduling Charts (Employees & Clients)
📁 Infection Prevention & Control Guide for Employees


⭐ Home Care Company
⭐ Home Care Agency
⭐ Senior Care Business
⭐ Personal Care Service
⭐ Elder Care Business
⭐ In-Home Aid Agency

Everything you need to apply for and start a non-medical home Care Business! This is a much easier and quicker way to opening your doors! My name is Danielle Foley and I am a trusted and experienced senior care business owner for the last 14+ years. I created

´’ outside of my full-time senior care corporation to expand my reach to help seniors beyond local business.

My mission is to help people who are serious about starting and operating a non-medical home business in your community to help as many seniors as we can together!

📁 How to Start a Non-Medical Home Care Business Guide (PDF)

Learn how to obtain a meaningful career and financially rewarding adventure as a non medical home care business owner!

It takes you through the start-up process and includes all the essential information such as;

⭐ Overview of the business
⭐ Website creation
⭐ Logo design
⭐ Marketing-where to find new customers
⭐ Liability insurance
⭐ Where you can work as a non-medical caregiver

📁 Home Care Company Policy & Procedure Guide (EDITABLE)

✔️ 57 pages of all fully detailed information that is needed for your application to open and operate your senior care business! This editable manual is perfect for a growing home care business.
✔️ Table of Contents ‘Quick Look Up’ of Sections with just one click

Simply enter your company name and specific laws in your State/Province in the designated areas that are shown throughout the document.

The home care business manual outlines to anyone reading it what is expected of the employee as well as the company.

📁 Policy & Procedure Employee Handbook for Non-Medical Home Care (EDITABLE)

✔️ Features: 46 pages of all fully editable information that is needed for your employee when you start hiring!
✔️ Table of Contents-‘Quick Look Up’ of Sections

Enter your company name, specific laws in your State/Province in the designated areas, and any additional information in the assigned areas.

📁 12 Documents that pair up with Company Policy & Procedure for Application & Daily Operations (EDITABLE)

✔️ Includes Administrative Job Descriptions (CEO, General Manager, Supervisor)
✔️ Record Filing Procedures & Long Term Storage of Files
✔️ Customer Satisfaction Survey
✔️ Complaint and Follow up Forms
✔️ Customer Satisfaction Survey
✔️ Employee Record
✔️ Plan of Care/Care Plan
✔️ Visit Record
✔️ Incident/Accident Report

📁 Infection Prevention & Control Guide Template for Employees (EDITABLE)

**Includes: COVID-19 Vaccination & Tuberculosis Test section for employees to fill out

Customize this document to your specific State laws and requirements.

📁 60+ Home Care Business Templates

Template Bundle (70 WORD & EXCEL DOCUMENTS)

✔️ Client Intake Form-Non-Medical Home Care Business
✔️ Independent Caregiver Service and Fees Information Sheet
✔️ Home Care Agency Service and Fees Information Sheet
✔️ Home Care Rates-All Services Offered (2 Options) **NEW!**
✔️ Caregiver Job Description Form
✔️ Home Care Service Quote
✔️ Home Care Service Agreement (Terms of Service)
✔️ Transportation Agreement-Client Outings (Non-Medical)
✔️ Employee Non-Compete Agreement
✔️ Home Care Service Plan-Plan of Care
✔️ Care Plan Review Template
✔️ Home Care Invoice-Each Visit Detailed
✔️ Visitor Sign In & Out Sheet
✔️ Senior Information Form-Client Profile w/Photo
✔️ Diet Profile Template
✔️ Personal Inventory Checklist (Home/Room in Care Facility)
✔️ Acute Care Assessment Report-One Sheet Quick Overview
✔️ Care Assessment Template (Detailed Care Requirements)
✔️ Home Safety Checklist-Home Overview
✔️ Fall Risk Assessment Form-Detailed Format
✔️ Residence Information Sheet (Quick Reference)
✔️ Proposal Letter-Home Care-For New Clients
✔️ Proposal Letter-Home Care-Organizations and Health Facilities
✔️ Competitor Call Script-Home Care Business
✔️ Caregiver Job Posting-Ad Template
✔️ Hire a Caregiver Checklist-Quick Guide
✔️ Caregiver Application Form Template
✔️ Pre-Interview Caregiver Questionnaire
✔️ Caregiver Interview Questionnaire
✔️ Caregiver Reference Check Questionnaire
✔️ Job Offer Letter-Home Care Employee
✔️ Job Acceptance Letter-Home Care Employee
✔️ Caregiver Employment Agreement-Long format
✔️ Caregiver Employment Contract-Short Format
✔️ Caregiver Profile Sheet (Quick Reference)
✔️ Time Sheet Weekly-Caregiver Employees
✔️ Caregiving Daily Checklist (Journal-Visit Log)
✔️ Housekeeping Chart/Checklist-Home Care
✔️ Personal Care Checklist-Home care
✔️ Toileting Chart (2 Layout Options)
✔️ Client Progress/Recovery Notes Template
✔️ Weekly Food Log-Meal & Hydration Tracker
✔️ Letter of Recommendation-Home Care Employee
✔️ COVID-19 Screening Form for Visitors
✔️ Proof of Income and Employment Letter
✔️ Final Employment Warning Letter-Caregiver
✔️ Termination of Employment Notice-Caregiver
✔️ Incident/Accident Report Form Template
✔️ Emergency Medical Information Template
✔️ Community Services Contact List (Routine Visits)
✔️ Care Directives-End of Life Wishes Form
✔️ Medical File Log-(2 Sizes-Letter + A4)
✔️ Medication List-(2 Sizes-Letter+ A5)
✔️ Weekly Medication Tracker
✔️ Monthly Medication Tracker
✔️ Medical Contacts List
✔️ Vitamin Supplement List
✔️ Service Price Increase Letter-Business Template
✔️ Home Care Tax Statement Template
✔️ Bookkeeping Checklist-Home Care Business
✔️ Activity Sheet Template-Monthly (3 Sizes)⭐
✔️ Menu Template-Weekly (3 Sizes)

📁 Training Logs- Required application process and daily operations (EDITABLE)

Helps the training section of your government application in any State/Province

✔️ Training Covid-19 Guidelines
✔️ Training Sign-in Sheet
✔️ Home Health Aid Training Program
✔️ Home Care Employee Training Log
✔️ Competency Evaluation
✔️ Employee Training Record
✔️ Home Care Aid Performance Review
✔️ Home Care Orientation Checklist
✔️ Training Certificate -Editable!

📁 Company Weekly Schedule Bundle

✔️ Home Care Schedule for Client (WORD + PDF FILLABLE)
✔️ Caregiver Shift Schedule for caregiver employee (WORD + PDF FILLABLE)
✔️ Caregiver Time Sheet (WORD + PDF FILLABLE)

*Video Instructions how to use MASTER SCHEDULE INCLUDED (EXCEL)
*Screenshot Instructions on how to open and use PDF Fillable Forms included

📁 Company Weekly Schedule
📁 Home Care Scheduling Templates – SEND CLIENT
📁 Caregiver Shift Schedule Templates – EMPLOYEES
📁 Caregiver Timesheet – RECORD VISIT DETAILS

Easy to use home care scheduling bundle templates can be shared with caregiver employees, clients and their family members.

How can these templates help?

⭐ Document changes in physical and mental health
⭐ Assistance with client selection
⭐ Guidance with employee selection
⭐ Improve communication within care team
⭐ Accountability among staff
⭐ Quick access to company and client information
⭐ Administrative uniformity
⭐ Client intake assistance and guidance
⭐ Clarification of caregiver tasks
⭐ Set staff job expectations in writing
⭐ Simplify home care accounting
⭐ Cohesive branded look and feel
⭐ Avoid liabilities




Current Delivery Time: 2-5 Business Days

Main Features of the product:

✔️ Easy to change page size
✔️ Simple to change excel formulas
✔️ Form fill digitally/manually
✔️ Ready to convert to fillable forms in Adobe
✔️ Print to PDF
✔️ Send electronically
✔️ Printable 🖨️


1# On a desktop computer-download the provided .zip file
2# Go to your download folder in your computer files
3# Next you need to “click EXTRACT ALL” the files
4# Select your destination to place the files and click select folder
5# Click EXTRACT

home care business templates

Professional Home Care Templates Included: 

Home Care Business Templates (WORD & EXCEL)

✔️ Client Intake Form-Non-Medical Home Care Business

✔️ Independent Caregiver Service and Fees Information Sheet

✔️ Home Care Agency Service and Fees Information Sheet

✔️ Home Care Rates-All Services Offered (2 Options)

✔️ Caregiver Job Description Form

✔️ Home Care Service Quote

✔️ Home Care Service Agreement (Terms of Service)

✔️ Transportation Agreement-Client Outings (Non-Medical)

✔️ Employee Non-Compete Agreement

✔️ Home Care Service Plan-Plan of Care

✔️ Care Plan Review Template

✔️ Home Care Invoice-Each Visit Detailed

✔️ Visitor Sign In & Out Sheet

✔️ Senior Information Form-Client Profile w/Photo

✔️ Diet Profile Template

✔️ Personal Inventory Checklist (Home/Room in Care Facility)

✔️ Acute Care Assessment Report-One Sheet Quick Overview

✔️ Care Assessment Template (Detailed Care Requirements)

✔️ Home Safety Checklist-Home Overview

✔️ Fall Risk Assessment Form-Detailed Format

✔️ Residence Information Sheet (Quick Reference)

✔️ Proposal Letter-Home Care-For New Clients

✔️ Proposal Letter-Home Care-Organizations and Health Facilities

✔️ Competitor Call Script-Home Care Business

✔️ Caregiver Job Posting-Ad Template

✔️ Hire a Caregiver Checklist-Quick Guide

✔️ Caregiver Application Form Template

✔️ Pre-Interview Caregiver Questionnaire

✔️ Caregiver Interview Questionnaire

✔️ Caregiver Reference Check Questionnaire

✔️ Job Offer Letter-Home Care Employee

✔️ Job Acceptance Letter-Home Care Employee

✔️ Caregiver Employment Agreement-Long format

✔️ Caregiver Employment Contract-Short Format

✔️ Caregiver Profile Sheet (Quick Reference)

✔️ Time Sheet Weekly-Caregiver Employees

✔️ Caregiving Daily Checklist (Journal-Visit Log)

✔️ Housekeeping Checklist

✔️ Personal Care Checklist

✔️ Toileting Chart (2 Layout Options)

✔️ Client Progress/Recovery Notes Template

✔️ Weekly Food Log-Meal & Hydration Tracker

✔️ Letter of Recommendation-Home Care Employee

✔️ COVID-19 Screening Form for Visitors

✔️ Proof of Income and Employment Letter

✔️ Final Employment Warning Letter-Caregiver

✔️ Termination of Employment Notice-Caregiver

✔️ Incident/Accident Report Form Template

✔️ Emergency Medical Information Template

✔️ Community Services Contact List (Routine Visits)

✔️ Care Directives-End of Life Wishes Form

✔️ Medical File Log-(2 Sizes-Letter + A4)

✔️ Medication List-(2 Sizes-Letter+ A5)

✔️ Weekly Medication Tracker

✔️ Monthly Medication Tracker

✔️ Medical Contacts List

✔️ Vitamin Supplement List

✔️ Service Price Increase Letter-Business Template

✔️ Home Care Tax Statement Template

✔️ Bookkeeping Checklist-Home Care Business

✔️ Activity Sheet Template-Monthly (3 Sizes)

✔️ Menu Template-Weekly (3 Sizes)


Senior client information form Gather detailed information to personalize care

Senior Care information `sheet `template

Senior fall risk assessment tool: 

fall risk assessment form template

Caregiver job description template– Eliminate the guesswork and put it in writing
Caregiver Job Description Form Template

Home care service agreement – Customize this form to your business and each client

Home Care Service Agreement Template

Senior care invoice -Tailored and detailed invoice for the senior care industry

home care invoice-non medical services

Home care tax statement for senior care – A year-end statement for seniors care
Home Care Tax Statement

Senior housekeeping checklist -Safeguard the environment for a senior client with this form

Senior Housekeeping Chart Template-wise caregiving

Senior hygiene care chart – Keep everyone informed involved in the care

Personal Care Chart Template-wise caregiving

Caregiver employment agreement – Business expands, and you hire a caregiverCaregiver Employment Agreement Template

Caregiver employment application form – When you expand your business and need a position filled

Caregiver Employment Application

Caregiver interview questionnaire – Preparation is key

Caregiver Interview Questionnaire Template

+Plus Many More!

Wise Caregiving is determined to reach, educate, and prepare as many new caregivers to help seniors with their daily needs as possible. We believe by teaching people how to own and operate their very own successful senior business that we will create more happy care providers.

If are ready to make a change in careers and have thought seriously about starting your own senior care business then let us give you the necessary tools to start as soon as possible. This digital book is written for private caregivers by an experienced private caregiver. All the information in this digital guide book comes from years of gained knowledge and first hand experience. 

Find out how to obtain excellent senior clients by learning where to look, how to get their attention, and ultimately any job/ mandate that you want.

The senior care business document templates are specifically designed for a private caregiving business. You will be organized, efficient with your time, and way ahead of your local competition. Furthermore, the person in charge of the senior care who selected you, will view you as someone who is accountable, innovative, detail oriented, and serious about operating a successful caregiving business.

The ‘How to start a home care business’ also includes the senior care business documents 

Home Care Templates-Wise Caregiving


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