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Caregiving Business Templates

Professional non medical caregiving business templatescaregiving business

Start and operate a successful caregiving business for seniors

Here you can find professional tailored senior caregiving business templates to make your day to day operations in your senior care business more efficient.

Your focus should be caring for your senior clients, not worried about paperwork. Let us help you to get organized and give you the tools to save you time. Show your clients, family members, curators, or trustees that you are a business owner that initiates and is responsible for the logistics of your caregiving services.

home care templates

Senior Care Templates Included: 

If you plan to hire caregivers to work under your company, you will need all of the following templates:

Caregiving Business Templates

Home Care Business Templates (WORD & EXCEL)

✔️ Client Intake Form-Non-Medical Home Care Business

✔️ Independent Caregiver Service and Fees Information Sheet

✔️ Home Care Agency Service and Fees Information Sheet

✔️ Home Care Rates-All Services Offered (2 Options)

✔️ Caregiver Job Description Form

✔️ Home Care Service Quote

✔️ Home Care Service Agreement (Terms of Service)

✔️ Transportation Agreement-Client Outings (Non-Medical)

✔️ Employee Non-Compete Agreement

✔️ Home Care Service Plan-Plan of Care

✔️ Care Plan Review Template

✔️ Home Care Invoice-Each Visit Detailed

✔️ Visitor Sign In & Out Sheet

✔️ Senior Information Form-Client Profile w/Photo

✔️ Diet Profile Template

✔️ Personal Inventory Checklist (Home/Room in Care Facility)

✔️ Acute Care Assessment Report-One Sheet Quick Overview

✔️ Care Assessment Template (Detailed Care Requirements)

✔️ Home Safety Checklist-Home Overview

✔️ Fall Risk Assessment Form-Detailed Format

✔️ Residence Information Sheet (Quick Reference)

✔️ Proposal Letter-Home Care-For New Clients

✔️ Proposal Letter-Home Care-Organizations and Health Facilities

✔️ Competitor Call Script-Home Care Business

✔️ Caregiver Job Posting-Ad Template

✔️ Hire a Caregiver Checklist-Quick Guide

✔️ Caregiver Application Form Template

✔️ Pre-Interview Caregiver Questionnaire

✔️ Caregiver Interview Questionnaire

✔️ Caregiver Reference Check Questionnaire

✔️ Job Offer Letter-Home Care Employee

✔️ Job Acceptance Letter-Home Care Employee

✔️ Caregiver Employment Agreement-Long format

✔️ Caregiver Employment Contract-Short Format

✔️ Caregiver Profile Sheet (Quick Reference)

✔️ Time Sheet Weekly-Caregiver Employees

✔️ Caregiving Daily Checklist (Journal-Visit Log)

✔️ Housekeeping Checklist

✔️ Personal Care Checklist

✔️ Toileting Chart (2 Layout Options)

✔️ Client Progress/Recovery Notes Template

✔️ Weekly Food Log-Meal & Hydration Tracker

✔️ Letter of Recommendation-Home Care Employee

✔️ COVID-19 Screening Form for Visitors

✔️ Proof of Income and Employment Letter

✔️ Final Employment Warning Letter-Caregiver

✔️ Termination of Employment Notice-Caregiver

✔️ Incident/Accident Report Form Template

✔️ Emergency Medical Information Template

✔️ Community Services Contact List (Routine Visits)

✔️ Care Directives-End of Life Wishes Form

✔️ Medical File Log-(2 Sizes-Letter + A4)

✔️ Medication List-(2 Sizes-Letter+ A5)

✔️ Weekly Medication Tracker

✔️ Monthly Medication Tracker

✔️ Medical Contacts List

✔️ Vitamin Supplement List

✔️ Service Price Increase Letter-Business Template

✔️ Home Care Tax Statement Template

✔️ Bookkeeping Checklist-Home Care Business

✔️ Activity Sheet Template-Monthly (3 Sizes)

✔️ Menu Template-Weekly (3 Sizes)

Senior Care Information Form:
Caregiving template containing a 10 page document. Information you need in order to care for your senior client. Print this document or fill out digitally and save it which gives you access to this information from your phone, tablet or computer.

Senior Care Information Form Template-full preview-Hire Private-wise caregiving

Fall Risk Assessment Form: 

Home Care Quote Template:
After you meet with a potential employer this is the perfect and professional way to follow up. 

Home Care Quote Template

Caregiver Job Description:
You’ve obtained the job and can now safely ask for the information you need in order to make your first few visits seamless. The senior will be so content to not have to tell you every few minutes what to do.

Caregiver Job Description Form-preview

Home care service agreement:
Protect yourself the same way care agencies do. Clarify expectations in regards to the caregiving services that you provide. All fees, expenses, reimbursements for outings, transporting senior, cancellation policy, payment terms, and grounds to terminate services.

Home Care Service Agreement Template-full preview-wise caregiving

Home Care Tax Statement (Auto Calculation):
Provides a simple and organized way for your employer and accountant to see the caregiving service expenses incurred throughout the year month by month.

Home Care Tax Statement


caregiving business templates

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Home Care Templates


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Home Care Complete Bundle-Wise Caregiving

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